View Full Version : Damm OverCooked it !!

4th November 1999, 03:20
i used MGA tweak on a G400 and set the Clock speed to 400 !!! (shit)
my system crashed and the display went a crazy shade of digital chaos !!
now when i restart i get thin Vertical lines acroos my screen!! (shit)

have i done ireprable damage ??
will i be able to blag a new card or a repair from Matrox ??
How many Cards did they destroy testing this program ??


4th November 1999, 03:43
Hello I have the same problem ....
I have tried all but the solution is ......
I hope that help you .

4th November 1999, 05:20
MGA Tweak is a third party utility it is not from Matrox. Any form of overclocking has the potential to destroy your hardware and should only be done if your know what you are doing and accept the risks.