View Full Version : Tweak Suggestions?

21st October 1999, 21:42
Just recently installed the MGA Tweak Utility for a Dual Head G400 on a Celery 550. I don't think I should have to worry about overheating :-) because the case is open and I've place a 6" fan blowing right on the G400. I'm not sure if the RAM on this card is SGRAM or SDRAM. But I read over at "Hardware Central" that the G400 with "5ns SDRAM" should be able to handle a 25% speed increase without problem. Is there any consensus on what there cards should be able to handle?

26th October 1999, 20:43
Actually I took more "drastic" measures!! I traded up to the G400-MAX. I may still tweak it, but probably not more than 10%. I don't really need more performance than this board produces with "stock" settings. Thanks anyway for the suggestion. (BTW I just love the way X-Wing Alliance looks and plays at 1280x1024 :-) and my highly overclocked V3 just couldn't handle that rez)