View Full Version : question about agp2x in 5.13 (kruzin or ?)

cpt puget
6th July 1999, 17:25
i believe it was stated that registry hacks to achieve 2x in 4.51 were not a good idea. being that you apparently cannot accomplish it without hacks in 5.13, is it worth it to force 2x with the new drivers.

7th July 1999, 00:22
It can be... I get slightly better frame rates with forced 2X, and better texture rendering speeds, especially with large textures. But, I also get lock-ups in Netscape and some benchmarks with 2X - may be my SS7 mobo, though.
The weird thing is, I now get better framerates with Vsync ON at 72MHz in 800X600X16. About a 5% increase, according to 3DMark99 Max.

9th July 1999, 05:36
I have not had to force it. I still get 2x with the 5.13 drivers on both of my machines (both BX based)...

In reality, there is not much need to force it. The only thing it affects are large texture swaps to system RAM, and nothing does that, except banchmarks, and a few custom maps...