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26th June 1999, 03:43
Fianlly decided to go the permenant overclock route, and reprogram the pins of my Mill G200 SD. I had been reluctant to do so because if I had g200clk run on startup the screen would go crazy, no matter what settings I used - I was afraid the card would do that if there was a higher speed on init. Running it myself, I had managed to get it as high as 246MHz with the suggested RAM op, but there were minor artifacts and occasional lock-ups using D3D. At 236MHz with the suggested RAM op, everything was fine. Could run up to 228MHz with CAS2 full RAM op. All of these settings were used without resetting the mem refresh rate (left it at 19). So, I thought, why strain the card - go with one speed bump down from maximum stable, could decide which type of RAM op to use when I wanted it. Set the pin to 114, booted up fine, but I could no longer use any RAM op without it going crazy. Couldn't set it to any higher speeds either... Reset the pin to 101, could use the RAM op and take it to 236, but it was as twitchy there as it had been at 246 before. Decided to take it down a little bit more to 96, which is where I have left it... can attain all the old speeds again fine, but I'm left with "only" a 12MHz permenant. Any ideas why the instability when I overclock via the BIOS?