View Full Version : G400 Dualhead, ghosting and jittering

19th June 2001, 17:51
I have one Sony LCD monitor on the DVI Add on card and one Sun LCD monitor on the Primary VGA output.

I suffer from high ghosting problems on the VGA monitor and the DVI monitor sometimes suddenly starts to jitter around like mad...

It's not the monitors as they work perfectly on other computers, the cables are fine too...

I have the latest bios and the latest drivers and already checked the card to see if I missconnected the DVI card...

I'm desperate, I can't find a way to solve those nagging problems on what could be an otherwise perfectly cool system... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif
Can anyone help me?

Athlon 500
Asus K7M
Matrox G400