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Simon Gruer
31st July 1999, 05:31
I was wondering if someone can answer this little question I have regarding the TV out on the Rainbow Runner. Is there any way I can output a VCD full screen to my TV without having to resort to playing the VCD full screen and enabling the desktop TV out?

I read in an earlier post that this is possible for a DVD with the DVD module but you can't output a VCD full screen in the same way using the DVD module.

Is there a software DVD/VCD player that can do this or does this function rely on the RRunner drivers? If the driver handles this, will it be implemented in a future driver update?

Also, is there a way to resize your TV out desplay?

Simon Gruer
ICQ: 124518

2nd February 2000, 09:27
The RR has no TV OUT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST IN. I just bought one thinking it had outputs. I think relised i can used the g400max's 2nd output for this. with a BOB?

is this right?

2nd February 2000, 10:46

Didn't your MAX come with manuals and an adapter cable for using a TV or VCR as a second "monitor" ?