View Full Version : Marvel G400 TV or G400MAX+RR-G ?

Gerhard Gnant
27th September 1999, 13:44

well, the Marvel G400TV is out now,
but looking at the specs many of us would
spend the extra $ for a G400MAX + RR-G combo.

Now, the key question is:
Will Matrox support this combo in the future or will the RR-G be discontinued ?
What's about release NT40 and W2k drivers ?

A 3-line szenario could be:

1. RT2000 for the Power Homevideo Editor
2. Marvel G400TV for the average Videoman,
plus Gameaccelerator for the kids.
3. G400/MAX for the Powergamer/ Speedfreak.

An official Matrox statement would be nice.



28th September 1999, 18:12
Good question
as i just ordered a G400 MAX and a RRG moments ago online
i wanted the max for gaming, and figured that maybe..... the next G whatever might be compatible too... just a suggestions dont flame me or anything..
but surely the Mjpeg hardware hasnt changed much, its still soild and damn impressive.

28th September 1999, 21:00
Hi Gary,

We will support G400/RRG and G400Max/RRG combos. The supported driver set for these combos will be out sometime in October.

Win2K support is still being looked at but nothing has been decided. We don't know if Avid and Divicorp will also support these 2 OS's later on.


28th September 1999, 23:56
Hello Haig,

With an RR-G connected to a G400 (with dual-head multi-display enabled) do the video grabbing/editing features still work? (I assume they will, but I take nothing for granted http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)


29th September 1999, 02:54
Rogue - yes they do. I use the DVD MAX output of my G400 to view the final result of my capturing/editing. I haven't tried Clone or normal dual output modes yet.


PS: Some or all of the above message may be wrong, or, just as likely, correct. Depends on what mood I'm in. And what you know. ;)

29th September 1999, 05:20
Thanks Steve

aka Chris H

Nathan Lindsey
1st October 1999, 09:52
I noticed on the shop online site at Matrox that the add for the RR-G series said:

Video Editing and TV Tuner Upgrade.
Currently Not Compatible with Millennium G400 MAX

Now is this just the driver situation and why is it being so specific with the Max?

1st October 1999, 10:45
I've just seen that whilst browsing the online store. I'd be interested to find out why. I know of quite a few people who happily use the RR-G with G400MAX, albeit with beta drivers.

aka Chris H

2nd February 2000, 09:13
Ummm.... can u tell me if the max uses a bob for tv out? rhaps@onthenet.com.au u can email thanks alot. i have a rr and a g400max.. is this better than an RT2000 combo? Where can i get the latest drivers?