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12th July 1999, 05:31

I own a Millennium G200 and would like to get into some video editing. (Insert ominous music here. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif Which Rainbow Runner should I get/works with the G200? As I understand it, there's the RR-G and the RR-S. Are there more types that I'm ignorant about? Is there an FAQ somewhere that I should have read before bothering you kind folks?

Thanks for the info.

I M Patrick
12th July 1999, 05:54
The only one that will work with the G200 Millenium is the Rainbow Runner G. The RR-S is for the older Millenium and Mystique boards. Keep in mind that with the G200 Millenium you would also have to get a "TV-out" (video-out) module if you wish to output to tape.

It does get pretty confusing when there are several generations of Matrox boards all with the Millenium and Mystique designations.

As far as you doing more research on your own here, check out the idiots guides and the tips and tricks sections from the upper left hand corner of this page. Also make use of the Search function which is close to the upper right hand corner of the forum page.

Maybe with some help from the others here we can change your name to Happyday. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif


12th July 1999, 05:55
RR-S is for the Mystique 170/220 or the Millennium II.

G-RR is for the G series cards, that is the G100, G200 and (latterly) G400 Mystique and Millennium cards. Note that the G200 Millennium doesn't have a TV output stage (which the G200 Mystique and twin head variant of the G400 does), so if you want to print back to tape you will need to buy the optional G-series TV-O module.

2nd February 2000, 09:03
"doesn't have a TV output stage (which the G200 Mystique and twin head variant of the G400 does"

I have a g400max . Are u saying i can have tv out? it has not out put on it. just dual monitors. can u use a convertor to svideo adaptor that came with it for dubing via hat instead of going to a b ig screaan? is that what they mean by tv out?