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29th April 2001, 00:36

After every reboot/restart of my Win98Se system my desktop icons return to the original windows settings.

I have to use Matrox Quick Desk to restore the icon settings to my preferred settings.

I then save them but after reboot/restart I am back to windows settings.


29th April 2001, 01:22
right click the matrox quick desk on the systry->Desktop icons -> automatic.

Or from the display properties -> advanced -> options -> automatically save/restore desktop icons positions.

Now move the icons to where u want them saved, line up icones (optionally), reboot, they should be saved by now.

29th April 2001, 12:12

I followed the instructions and received no joy.

My icons are lined up horizontally across the top the screen but after a reboot the 'My Computer' icons swithces across from the top left to the top right.

All other icons then line up vertically on the left of the screen.

Please help or a re-install of windows is the only alternative.

29th April 2001, 12:25
Right click your desktop and select arrange icons by whatever you want them arranged by.


29th April 2001, 16:05
I think you need to set both Automatically Save/restore Windows and Icon positions in the Matrox Quickdesk/Options.

edit: oh and set Active desktop off, plus check the link Rags said, then uncheck auto-arrange !!


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