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28th April 2001, 01:49
This may be a strange time to bring up overclocking the G400, it has been discussed before, but not recently as far as I can recall.

I've bought 2 replacement cards for my G400, a Powercolor Evil Kyro and a Radeon SDR.
The Kyro's 2D was too poor compared to the G400, and I returned the Radeon SDR due to the G550 rumours.

As I'm back with the G400 I'm looking to maximize it's performance.
I'm extremely surpriced by the overclockability of the core, mine's runnning at 185 MHz (a 48% overclock) with standard cooling, and I'm sure it'll go faster especially if I add a fan.
The memory is my bottleneck, it's 6ns and can run at 180 MHz. Today I mounted some ramsinks which lets me run at 185 MHz (maybe a bit higher, but 190 was a no-go).
I'll add a 80 mm fan to blow air over the core and ram sinks, and hopefully it'll go a bit faster still.

How far have you people been able to clock the G400 core ? If mine is any indication of average overclockability it really surprices me that Matrox hasn't introduced a G400 Ultra (or whatever they would call it). With core/mem running at 180/240 it could have followed the competiton for a while longer.

28th April 2001, 03:52
I got my G400MAX to 185/245 but I can't play too long with that before it starts showing artefacts and craps out to the desktop.

180/240 is absolutely stable though, all with stock cooling, which is the tiny heatsink and the tiny fan.

I have never tried any asynchronous settings, but I have a feeling the core can do more than 185, as you said. 240 seems to be the max for the mem. It is after all only 5ns SGRAM rated for 200Mhz...

28th April 2001, 05:52
175 core / 233 mem
G400 32 MB DH 6 ns mem
Used Powerstrip

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28th April 2001, 07:20
What d'you mean exactly when you say the Evil Kyro has poor 2D image quality? I mean does it get kinda fuzzy and blurry when running at very high resolutions?

28th April 2001, 08:03
No comment on the "Evil Kyro" - PowerColor is very much a "budget" board manufacturer (to put it poltely).

But Videologic's Kyro has extremely good image quality, considering they only rate the DAC at a max of 270MHz. Text is particulary sharp at high resolutions - the acid test.

Damien Green
28th April 2001, 08:47
I've got my G400 Max running at 220 mem, 165 core - stable, can go 230, 240, but get problems after a while and don't want to burn the card up!

28th April 2001, 13:12
212 Memory and 159 Core. Thats with or without a Blue Orb and Ram sinks. G400 32MB DualHead 6ns RAM.


29th April 2001, 03:10
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by Biggs:
What d'you mean exactly when you say the Evil Kyro has poor 2D image quality? I mean does it get kinda fuzzy and blurry when running at very high resolutions?</font>

Yep, that's it. And even at 1024x768 I can tell the difference between it and my G400.

29th April 2001, 08:04
Damn, I was hoping Kyro would have at least decent 2D image quality at high resolutions. I wonder how the Kyro II would do but I have my gut feeling it would be the same.