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24th April 2001, 23:02
I just bought a G200 and tried to update its bios to 2.07 using both the dos and windows ways. In both ways, trying to save the old bios or flash the new one, I get an error "Unable to get EEPROM information". So I cannot make a rescue disk, and the worse, I cannot update the BIOS. Does this error suggest that this particular G200 is not flashable or is it defective ?
My model according to the Powerdesk info is MGA-G200 AGP 8 MB SDRAM. White sticker says G2+/SDA/8BF and the serial is ABS63779.

I'd appreciate greatly any help from this board cause I really want to benefit the most out of this excellent card.

25th April 2001, 00:39
Does the G200 have a BIOS write-protect via a dip-switch or a jumper (I seem to recall one, but its been a while since I have used my G200)

25th April 2001, 06:18
UB, what kind of BIOS does the G200 say it has at this moment? Did you try to update it to another BIOS version, like the previous Bios 2.03 (http://www.murc.ws/Bios/Bios/setup203.exe)?

As far as I know there's no jumper or dip-switch on any of the G200's out there, but I could be mistaken.

A step by step walkthru (http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Archives/Archive-000001/HTML/20000406-11-000014.html) on how to flash your Gx00's BIOS, can be found in the Archives. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif