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21st April 2001, 03:42
When i open up Dxdiag , and click on display agp texturing is availabe , directdraw acceleration is not available
and so is Direct 3d acceleration

i've uninstalled all drivers , reinstalled DirectX 8.0a ( running win2k )

my graphic card is a mystique G200 and the driver support seems lacking compared to the millenium g200

this means i can't play any games that require d3d


21st April 2001, 06:02
Please give us alittle more about your machine spec and setup like, motherboard, processor, driver version, IRQ settings, OS. Also include other info such as, are you overclocking your processor or graphics cards? With this info we might be able to help.


21st April 2001, 07:28
The Mystake G200 can use the same drivers the Mill. G200 does, just grab the latest drivers for it, and you should be good to go.


21st April 2001, 10:52
5.33 always garbles up my display , i've tried several drivers , will try again

my computer is running win2k ( hot fixes ( no sp1 refuse to install it)
Asus a7v
tb 900
192 mb sdram
mystique g200 8mb agp ( 230mhz ( i think it's special or something ,i read somewhere that it doesn't have 230mhz originally)
Directx 8.0a
now running on drivers 5.14

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