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25th March 2001, 01:25
i have a g400 max with standard cooling sitting stably at a speed of 165/220. however i have aquired a socket 7 heatsink that measures 50*50*15mm (with a 50*10mm fan) and am looking forward to putting this to use. i shall use artic silver thermal epoxy to stick it on the core, and i shall also buy some aluminium ramsinks that measure 32*12*12. again i shall attach these using a.s thermal epoxy. also i plan to use the existing heatsink on the back of the core if the wire for the fan stretches that far. the reason for doing this is so that i can play the newest games @ 1024*768 with 32 bit colour as at the moment my system is struggling with nolf and project igi.
has anyone here perfromed a similar operation with a g400max, if so please can you post your maximum stable speeds reached, and any concurring performance increases.

cheers roadie

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25th March 2001, 05:09
My G400 Max is currently @ 170/226, this is with a FOP 38 Heatsink and 20 CFM fan on it - Which doesn't help much because of poor contact with the chip.

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25th March 2001, 11:17
Whats holding you ppl back is prolly the ram. Get some ramsinks. Stock MAX cooling is pretty decent. Just frag-tape on a small hs to the back, and u'd be fine.

If you want more cooling that that, see if u can find a Blue Orb from ThermalTake. That will give you as much cooling as the G400 will ever need.

But the trick is RAMSINKS. They'll give you more results than a giant FOP38 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

26th March 2001, 14:53
I have my G400 (non max) running at 333 core/166 memory. I am using a homebrew watercooling setup with no peltiers. I can run it up as far as 366/183 but will occasionally get blue screen (Windows Protection) errors. 333 seems pretty stable. Is this a decent overclock for a G400?

A picture of my MGATweak screen is here http://home1.gte/net/bs/g400oc.jpg

A picture of my watercooling setup is here

26th March 2001, 15:15
Sorry, my mistake, I was quoting PLL clock speed, not core clock. The PLL clock speed is 333, not the core. Sorry for the confusion.

26th March 2001, 23:19
It's the cooling in my case. My RAM will go up to 232 Mhz, but the core just flips out higher than I have it now(ie, I get the broken mirror effect).

Guess I have a hot runner.

27th March 2001, 04:12
175core/233mem (powerstrip)
-> drilled holes in retail heatsink
-> replace thermal glue with thermal grease
-> used small thighwraps to fix it back on the card.
-> screwed a RadioShack 40x40x10 @6500 rpm fan on it.
-> put small ramsinks on the mem chips using fragtape

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27th March 2001, 05:45
I use ram heatsinks with thermal glue, and a Thermaltake Blue Orb on the chip

Works stable (175/233)

- [GDI]Raptor