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22nd March 2001, 19:24
I've had this card for some time and figured I'd bring my pc to the living room and check out the dualhead with my JVC 36" TV.

So I didn't have to lug my 19" up the stairs, I tried different settings on my old Commodore monitor (composite) and setting it for clone seemed the best choice.

I realize there's an option for B+W with the latest drivers (6.50), checking/unchecking has no effect (it instantly changes with composite output on my JVC).

The secondary monitor is standard television, I set my desktop for 640x480 (anything else is a blur).

graphics bios 1.9-33
cpu - tbird 1ghz on abit kt7

22nd March 2001, 22:43

I get B/W on my TV too. But I use a S-video -> SCART converter to connect it to my VCR. The guy from the electronics shop tells me that I should set my VCR's input to S-video, but there's no such option on the machine.
When I use the composite cable, the image displays just fine in full color.
Hope this helps you. And if not: Can anyone help me? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


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22nd March 2001, 23:58
Hi. There are a few known reasons for this. As your TV is probably fairly new, you should be able to see colors, though. If you are using an S-video to SCART connector, check that the SCART plug in use is configured for S-video input in your TV's menu system (not component video, RGB, or composite video). If you use direct S-cable, check that it is connected properly.

And check that your Matrox display is set for (presumably) NTSC, and your TV as well.


Peter Aragon
23rd March 2001, 01:39
Hi Paul
Strange that this question keeps popping up.

If you plan to use scart, you need to use a converter that has both an s-vhs and a composite input. You get the sharpness from s-vhs and the color from the composite signal. So in other words: connect both signals to the scart converter. That's all. Else you indeed get black and white only.

Good luck,

Peter Aragon
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23rd March 2001, 03:21
He's posting from the US, so there's little chance he has SCART input connectors on his tv.

However, maybe there is a input selector on your tv you have to set to s-video in stead of composite?

23rd March 2001, 05:15
I don't think, i understand how you do this.
composite and s-video use the same (pin 20)
either for the composite signal or for the luminance part of the s-video signal. S-Video uses pin 15 for the additional chrominance (the colour information) part. That is the reason why non s-video capable tv's at least schow b/w (luminance).

Peter Aragon
23rd March 2001, 05:59
Sorry magick, you'll have to accept this.
I'm not telling this because I understand it, I tell it because it works for me and dozens of other people.

I can just say try it out and see for yourself. And I have compared the "s-vhs and composite on scart" with normal s-vhs through s-vhs, and I can't notice any loss of image quality. The sharpness (and black and white) from s-vhs combined with the composite (and color) add up just perfect.

23rd March 2001, 07:14
I think PeterF is using the luminance part of the s-video signal output, and the composite signal at the same time. If you use s-video only, it should give better quality output.

But all this SCART stuff is not applicable to the original poster, since he lives in the US.

Paul: could it be that there a way you have to enable s-video on the tv set prior to using it?

23rd March 2001, 16:38
When you use Matrox->SCART you either user
composite (FBAS) or S-Video. They won't get combinded this is just rubbish (unless american TV sets are designed very strange).

My TV can use composite and RGB through his scart plug, so when i try to use S-Video, i get B/W. This is what you see. Look into your manual if your tv is capable of S-Video through scart. Some tv's have multiple scart plugs and not all can use the same formats.

Peter Aragon
23rd March 2001, 16:56
I really don't get rubish on the screen. I've been selling lots of pc's now where I use both s-vhs and the composite to connect to the scart-converter. I indeed get rubish when I choose scart in the matrox driver.
When you get black and white, also connect the composite to the scart converter, that's all http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Good luck,

23rd March 2001, 19:25
Flip-Oh - As others mentioned, I don't have a scart cable but did see it in adj. applet. Setting it gave me rubbish (as opposed to garbage).

My tv only has 1 s-video input, I guess I could've tried that AND the composite together, but it didn't occur to me. I figured one cable would override the other.

FWIW, the graphics were excellent (Beetle Crazy Cup), but text hard to read (no doubt the HUGE dot pitch on the big tube)

PC configured for NTSC

tv does not give ntsc/pal choice, (50hz reference needed for pal, no?)

I just discovered Matrox tech forum. BOY, lots of prbs, I hope Nvidia people have this much grief (What's an A-T-I?)

My breakout cable has 7-pin s-video as it should

23rd March 2001, 19:26
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