View Full Version : G450: Dualhead problem!!!

11th November 2000, 07:47

Yesterday I bought the G450. I tried to use it with two monitors and it works just fine, but if I want to use a tv instead of the second monitor I have a 30 to 40% Cpu usage.
I hope you have an idea how I can solve this problem. Thanks


(Win2k, Abit Bp6, dual 500 cel, 256Mb, G450, Sblive val)

12th November 2000, 12:03
I think you will find that whats wrong is that you are using a CPU usage program.

Try closing that, and see if you notice any difference.

Those things are a waste of time. They only (usually) measure the time the CPU is being used, then covert that to a %age through some magic algorithum.

What you want to do is run 3dmark2000 or something under both situations, and see what happens.

I would be suprised if the results wernt identical.


13th November 2000, 01:32
No itīs not the cpu usage program.(I use W2k and use the taskmanager)
When I activate Dualhead with a TV on the second head you can see that the system slows down, because windows open very slowly and benchmark programs also show that the system is slower than normal.