View Full Version : G400 clocked @what for best performance?

8th November 2000, 19:19
i've been fiddling around with MGAtweak (now that i can get it to save after a restart)
and i can get the RAM up 166@200mhz and the core up to 125@170mhz (although i haven't tested it at this level for very long)
but i can only have the RAM @200 when the core is 150mhz, and the core @170 when the RAM is 190.
so what is the best combo? higher mem but lower core or higher core but lower RAM?

8th November 2000, 19:25
Go for fastest RAM speed (200/150) That will give the best results normally,.


9th November 2000, 03:25
Just bench both settings against each other and tell us your findings ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

My guess would be that 170/190 should be faster than 150/200.

9th November 2000, 05:34
Go for the faster RAM. My personal fiddlings indicate that faster RAM/slower core will give you more fps than slower RAM/faster core. After all, there ain't no fancy T&L so your cpu has to do the work.