View Full Version : New Win2k Driver Problem with SoundCard

8th November 2000, 00:16
Hmm is it me or other ppl is having problems with this new driver with their Aureal Vortex 2 soundcard? After installing the new matrox driver my soundcard would stop to work.. i tried to re-install the soundcard driver all nite and then on the last hope i uninstall the new matrox driver and when back to the old 5.14 and everything work fine now.. I also notice that playing video files my computer became very slow and cpu usage for the mediaplayer is alway max at 90%+...

Any advice would be nice..

i got a p3-600 o/c p3-852 with 256k ram and g400max.

Rob M.
8th November 2000, 07:22
Are you using the beta2 drivers recently released at http://saturn.spaceports.com/~a3dfan/ ?

8th November 2000, 14:52
Yup.. I first thought it was those driver cause i installed it on the same day.. So uninstalled and installed the default win2k driver and same thing happens.

So i don't think it the soundcard drivers cause i'm using it now with the 5.14 driver and it work fine.