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3rd November 2000, 18:49
Hi all

I have this huge problem. Every time I watch a DVD with my G400 i experience periodic stuttering. In about 30 mins intervals the picture will drop frames and stutter. In between its perfect.

I have tried the bundled Matrox player, ATI DVD-player 3.201, Cinemaster 2000. They all have the same periodic stuttering.

In an attempt to fix it I shut a lot of running processes down and left only these to run: http://imv.au.dk/~thing/dvd.gif
Norton AntiVirus was disabled. Powersave disabled.

My DVD genie settings: http://imv.au.dk/~thing/genie.gif

System setup:
AMD Duron 600@850
128 mb ram
G400 32mb DH

Can anyone help me narrow down what is causing the stuttering?

What DVD-genie settings should I use?
What DVDMax settings?

Please help! Its driving me mad...

3rd November 2000, 19:19
Are you running Windows 2000?

3rd November 2000, 19:21
Windows ME

4th November 2000, 05:20
I would suspect that it is related to some kind of power management or other "green" feature. However, that does not make too much sense that it only happens when using DVDmax. (Well, on the flip side, if you are not using DVDmax, you are probably sitting right in front of your computer and maybe you are moving the mouse or other things which tell your pc to stay awake?)

I would try turning off everything green related that you can, in the bios and in windows.

4th November 2000, 05:24
Have disabled all powersaving and I'm using DVDmax. Then I have to displays at the same tim - my monitor and my TV.

The monitor is fine. The TV is stuttering - but only periodically.

4th November 2000, 08:05
Is your TV standard (NTSC or PAL) set correctly on the G400 and your TV?

4th November 2000, 08:15
Its a PAL TV and PAL is set in Dualhead options.

4th November 2000, 16:12
I have done some research. It turns out that the stuttering only occurs on my tv via the DVDmax feature.

Does anyone know why that is so?

I will now try to use the dualhead clone feature instead...Don't know if that will help.

Please respond if you have an idea or some hints to DVD playback with G400.


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4th November 2000, 18:52
Are the DVDs PAL encoded?

4th November 2000, 18:56
Yep. They are all region2 pal films.

4th November 2000, 19:06

This is a known issue with the drivers...Matrox Tech Support has acknowleged it and passed this problem upstairs.

Unfortunately, the issue has been ignored upstairs.

The good news is that it will no longer be ignored. This doesn't guarantee that the problem will be fixed, but my guess is that you will at least get an answer. My advice is to post in on on the official Matrox Tech. Support forums here:

and post a pointed and direct question about whether there will be a fix for this acknowleged problem.

My guess is that you will recieve one of two things.... A clear answer that they will not do anything about this issue, or a clear answer about when and where this acknowleged problem will be addressed.

Changes have happened...and they are good ones.

4th November 2000, 19:13
Thanks. At least I know where the problem is now. Before it was giving me gray hair...