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Amiga Blitter
29th October 2000, 12:42
I've been at Matrox Stand in the SMAU 2000. The stand was very poor. Altought the Matrox Card RTD 2000 section was interesting (super, marvelous), i notice people are not "catched" about the new Matrox G450. When i ask some information about the new "Phantom" G800, they answer badly, saying me that this card do not exist. When i said to them that i found some information about the G800 Fusion Plus in the PDtools.dll, they look very "imbarazzati" (imbarassed??) sorry for my english.
The Creative stand give me massive information about the new video card equipped with the new Nvidia NV15 showing me a lot demo incredibly beuty. I will send you a photo about the image quality of the new matrox g450 VS Nvidia or Ati card, Very Cool!!!

29th October 2000, 19:24
Hey dude!

OF COARSE they're not gonna tell you anything about a card that doesn't exist.

Amiga Blitter
30th October 2000, 14:12
The card exist. I am sure. The announce of the new card was delayed for the amiga plans. Meanwhile i got the new nv15 31 Millions of poligons per second. Fantastic.