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23rd October 2000, 11:22
dear all:

i was first wondering if i could call one of you to talk about the RT2000 since i have not yet purchased it. my email is jting88@hotmail.com just email me your phone number (if you're in the US). i would be cool if one of you were from San Diego, CA (that's where i am now).

1) what is this talk about G400 v. G800? is it a new version of hardware that matrox will be releasing (so should i wait a few months before getting the system)?

2) are there any compatibility problems with Dell computers and matrox RT2000? i specifically have a Dell PIII 800 with 128 RDRAM and ATA 100 controller with 40 Gig HD. Do you think that is good enough?

3) is Win2K better to run when using matrox RT 2000 (so i would ideally have 2 Operating Systems)?

thanks for your help. mainly i want to know if i'm ready to purchase the RT 2000. as a college student, this is quite a big purchase and i want to be sure of what i'm doing.


23rd October 2000, 11:35
First, I would suggest asking RT2k related questions in the Desktop Video forum, which is dedicated to the DV type products.

For your questions here:
1) G800 is a rumor that has yet to be confirmed. Even IF something where to be announced, it would not likely be available for a while in any kind of RT2k type card (if ever).

2) AFAIK, that system should work with the Matrox cards. ou might want to concider a dedicated second drive for your video work files. The guys in the DTV forum will have better suggestions/opinions on this one...

3) Right now, RT2k software is built for Win98. I don't think you can do anything with it in Win2k...although I think that's going to change soon (again, the guys in DTV will have a better answer I'm sure...)

23rd October 2000, 11:54
thanks for the tips!!!

i just talked to someone from www.videoguys.com (http://www.videoguys.com) and he said that i should get Pinnacle's DV500 instead of the RT2000... is this a good idea?

23rd October 2000, 11:58
I can't offer an opinion on that...I've never used either of the products in question. But I know there are folks in our Desktop Video Forum who can answer that http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

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