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11th October 2000, 06:23
Does anyone have an opinion as to the best DVD software to use with the G400 (non-Max)?

I'm getting a little 2X DVD for Xmas, and would like to know whick software gives the best playback.

My system:
Celeron 566 @ 850
Asus P2B-B
Matrox G400
Diamond Monster MX300
Viewsonic E655 15" monitor (I know, I know)


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11th October 2000, 06:33
I found the bundled version of Cinemaster very nice ... should be on your G400 CD.

DVD Igor
11th October 2000, 08:29
yep, it's nice

but I prefer PowerDVD http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

11th October 2000, 11:45
The bundled player from cinemaster is cool.

Asus A7V rev. 1.01p bios 1004.a
AMD Thunderbird 800@800
SBLive retail with liveware 3.0
Matrox g400 MAX
LG Flatron 795FT 17" monitor
IBM 13.5 GB 7200 hdd
Pioneer 103-s dvdrom
Win98 1.st edition
directx 7.0a
128mb pc133 cas2 from Memory Card Technology

Brian R.
11th October 2000, 13:50
I like WinDVD. Had problem with PowerDVD.

11th October 2000, 14:11
Just don't expect the bundled cinemaster to work in W2K...

Win DVD or PowerDVD for W2K

DVD Igor
11th October 2000, 15:38
I tried WinDVD, but often can't output the proper signal. Vertically adds a green flashing strip below and squeezes the signal.

I must admit that picture quality is indeed better than that of PowerDVD, smt about antialiasing and also color smoothness.

pioneer 104f, pentium 3/733, win me

14th October 2000, 06:20
I also used to have problems with WinDVD - the green stripe or other artifacts at the bottom of the screen. But go into the advanced monito settings and into "DualHead" and onward to "DVDMax Options" and check "Preserve source cropping" - the it will be pictureperfect.



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