View Full Version : G450 DH PCI -when?

12th October 2000, 10:24
When can I expect the G450 dual-head PCI version to come out. I want a good pci card for a second monitor with my G400 Marvel.

I am currently running a SiS 6346 which completely sucks next to my G400.

Should I bite the bullet for a G200 SD pci or hold out for the vaporware G450?

12th October 2000, 12:17
Soon! I agree! no/yes!

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12th October 2000, 12:30
How soon?
Really soon or just soon? ;-}
Before Christmas of this year or after Christmas next year?

12th October 2000, 13:17
ask how soon is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string!! only matrox knows the answer.

14th October 2000, 04:36
No no no - Only Smarties have the answer! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


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