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10th September 2000, 16:40
I have an old Matrox M3D that I bought about 3 years ago now. Its pretty mlame by todays standarsds, but I remember that it ran tombraider 1 better than any of its comtemoraries.

I'm on win2k now, and I'm wondering: is the m3d compatible with win2k? I wanna play good old tomb1 but I won't run on my G400MAX fopr abvious reasons.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


10th September 2000, 20:12
No, the M3D does not work in w2k, and nobody is going to put together any drivers to try to make it work for w2k. It is just not a good use of manpower to pump r&d dollars into support of an antique when they could be putting the final tweaks on the G800 series.