View Full Version : Best G400 MAX drivers for K6-3 systems?

8th September 2000, 09:47
What are the fastest and/or most stable drivers to use with a K6-3 or K6-2+ rig on VIA MVP3 chipsets?

8th September 2000, 11:48
Most folks around here say the 5.41's are the most stable for SS7. Several texturing problems and other glitches in the 5.5x series.

The PD6 betas were working fine on my k63 400 on an old soyo board before I upgraded last month to an Athlon.

8th September 2000, 14:08
PD Beta 6 is running stable on both my K6-3 and K6-2 VIA systems.

Mine: Epox EP-MVP3G5, Matrox G400 32mb DH + RRG, K6-3/450, 256mb PC133, WD 10.2gb ATA66, Pio 32x CDROM, LS-120, Adaptec 2940U2W, WD 18.3GB 10k U2W, Yamaha CDRW4416, Pio DVD-303, Scsi Zip 100, Seagate 10/20 Gb tape, SBlive platinum, Linksys 10/100, HP 712c printer, HP 6200 scanner
Hers: Epox MVP3G-M, G200+TVout+DVD, K6-2/450 504@112, 128mb PC133, WD 8.4gb, Pio 6x DVD, Zip 250, Diamond S90, Linksys 10/100

8th September 2000, 15:38
Hey mynx, are you using the PD Beta 6 with your RR-G? I didn't know those drivers worked with the RR-G. If so, what RR-G drivers are you using? Thanks.

9th September 2000, 06:13

The latest Vid Tools worked with the 6.x betas when they were loaded on my machine.

(I'm running a Marvel G200)

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10th September 2000, 13:16
The latest video tools 1.54. The only problem is YUY2 won't work. I would rather have a stable system and will suffer without the YUY2.

10th September 2000, 19:50
If you want pure speed, use the 5.41 drivers together with MGA Tweak. I can get frame rates about 15% higher than with any other drivers. The drawback is that your favorite game might not run with them. Give them a try first. (K6-3@450/G200 and 3dMark99 = 2500)

If you want the most compatible drivers, use the 6.01 drivers. You can not overclock them, but they do seem to work with more different games than anything else. For some reason, none of the overclock programs can get more than about a 3% increase in frame rates with these drivers. (K6-3@450/G200 and 3dMark99 = 2200)

But try them both - your milage may vary.