View Full Version : WinME, ASUS P3V4X, G400MAX = Restart Lockup

6th September 2000, 07:33
Someone here I hope can help. I have the above items with a clean install. I'm running the latest MB BIOS (1005) and the G400 BIOS is 1.6-25. If I load the Matrox drivers (I'v tried 3 different versions) the system will lockup if I do a restart or shutdown. The system clears the icons from the desktop and leaves the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen, then the screen goes black with the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen and halts.

NO other cards are in the system.

Any Ideas?

6th September 2000, 11:18
Not sure if this helps, but i've had similar problem with Win98se on an AbitVA6 (same via chip??) and uninstalling matrox drivers, enabling usb in bios, installing latest via4in1, install matrox drivers (in that order!) solved my problem...

i've heard from someone with WinME en an Asus K7V and g400 who had the same problem you describe.. not sure if he solved it....

Hope this helps.

6th September 2000, 11:35
Just spoke with Matrox and they said to reduce the AGB aperature size in the BIOS. This seemed to work withreboot while he was on the phone (reduced from 64M to 16M) but now I'm having more problems.

Still hoping someone out there can help!

Kosh Naranek
8th September 2000, 05:48
I have the exact same config as you and I have no problems whatsoever.....Aperture size set to 128 MB
But if you could mention the other problems you are having I will do my best 2 help.

8th September 2000, 06:59
I had the same problem, installed the latest VIA drivers and it never happened again.

8th September 2000, 08:42
If you haven't fixed it already, you might want to try this:

Completely uninstall your Matrox drivers and install Windows' Standard PCI Driver Adapter (VGA).

Install the lastest VIA 4in1 Set. (Try installing the AGP driver first. It's the most important.)

Install DirectX 7a (if you haven't).

Install PowerDesk 6.01 beta or 5.41. Avoid Matrox's 5.5X drivers, as they have issues with VIA chipsets.

You might want to reopen your AGP aperture to 128 or 256.


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