View Full Version : Where is the PD 6.03.026 Beta to W2K !?!

6th September 2000, 01:42
There seems to be PD 6.03.026 Beta floating somewhere to support the G450 ...
Would like to try out the W2K version with G400 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

6th September 2000, 06:01
Last I heard was that they are/were working on/with the 5.20 betas for Win2k. Just wait and see....

6th September 2000, 16:10
hmm .. there seems to be also others for G450 ..
PD 6.20.010 and 6.10.004 Betas..

When we can have these with W2k and G400 !?!?