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18th January 1997, 17:06
yea i was very shocked/impressed that abit completly listed the irq sharing in the manual.

i went and got the maxtor 61gig hard drive and then i decided i needed a motherboard with onboard ata66 so i went to abit's websitew since i like abit and this was gonna replace my old rock steady abit bh6.

i grabbed the pdf manual and read through it and decided i needed it and went and picked one up that afternoon during lunch http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

29th May 2000, 08:36
How can I make this work!?

Motherboard : Abit BE6-2

00 System Timer
01 Keyboard
02 Prog. Int. Controller
03 Free
04 Free
05 SB16 Emulation
06 FloppyDisk Controller
07 Free
09 Free
10 Eicon Diva 2.0
10 iRQ Holder
11 Highpoint Tech. hpt366 UDMA 66
11 Highpoint Tech. hpt366 UDMA 66
11 SB Live Value
11 iRQ Holder
12 Matrox G400
13 Num.Data.Proc
14 Free
15 AHA-2940UW
15 Intel xxx PCI to USB Universal Host Contr.
15 iRQ Holder

AGP - G400
Slot1 - Emty
Slot2 - Eicon Diva
Slot3 - SB Live
Slot4 - AHA2940
Slot5 - Emty
Slot6 - Emty (iSA)

29th May 2000, 08:53
If you don't play Dos games,SB emulation can be disabled and try to get SB live to use irq 5.
There should be irq steering along with your g400,where is it?
With all those irq's free,your problems should be minimal.
SB live seems to work best on irq 5,so start there.
Hopefully someone else will explain irq steering and why it's not with your g400.

29th May 2000, 09:09
okay. 'bout the PCI steering on MGA, have no idea http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif) ...

Anyways... The problem is really that I have no idea of how to change the iRQs, else there would be no problems.

Should be some kind of app for these things..

29th May 2000, 09:16
Or read the FAQs... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

What is an IRQ Holder for PCI Steering? (http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum11/HTML/000004.html)

How do we move those IRQs around? (http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum11/HTML/000005.html)


29th May 2000, 09:23
You can assign Irq on a slot by slot basis in your bios..Its still a pain but it does work..also dont bother at all if your stuff works ,cause pci cards can often share without problems .. Matt

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Damien Green
29th May 2000, 10:29
If it's any help - apparently according to Matrox, G400 cards work best on IRQ 9.

29th May 2000, 11:48
okay.. G400 is down to iRQ9, but still without PCI steering.

Still having a lot of trouble with the stupid Live...

Weirdest thing is that my mouse is kinda spooky until I log on the net, then everything works fine...

Arf.. I hate it

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29th May 2000, 11:53
Could you at least give us the new IRQ list now you got the G400 on IRQ#9?

29th May 2000, 12:01

Double click on your PD icon in the systray (it's the blue colored monitor thingy), click advanced, then options and make sure that you have "Use Busmastering" checked (enabled), and go to performance and make sure that the Hardware Acceleration slider is set to full.


29th May 2000, 12:36
Oooiieeee. Making progress!
and here's tonights nominees:

3 free
4 free
5 SB16
6 floppy
7 free
8 cmos
9 free
10 G400 (Now with IRQ Holder(!))
11 SB Live
12 AHA2490
12 Intel 8237AB/EB PCI 2 USB Universal Contr.
^^^WTF is this anyway? .. Bugs me
13 NumDataProc
14 free
15 HighPoint Tech HPT DMA 66
15 HighPoint Tech HPT DMA 66 (x2)
15 Eicon Diva

So.. As I said, making progress. Only thing I want to fix now, is the thingy with iRQ 15. Cant seem to get Eicon DIva alone, Looks like DMA66 is "following" the Eicon :/
And as soon as I log on, everything seems to be working as it should. (Even after disconnecting)

Hmm.. Forgot to tell you that BusMastering is on. Should I use 32bit Z-buffer?

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30th May 2000, 05:51
Wow Abit started putting that sharing info in the manual??

If you don't use USB disable the USB controller in the BIOS and that will help too.

30th May 2000, 16:44
the be6-ii manual lists very clearly in the manual which pci slots share irqs and busmastering.

you can download a new copy of the manual if you misplaced it from abit's website.

it is listed on page 1-4

pci slot 5 shares bustering with the highpoint ata 66

pci slot 3 shares irq with highpoint ata 66

pci slot 5 shares irq with pci slot 2

they then also relist it with some changes on page 3-41

they add that pci slot 1 shares irq with the agp slot

page 3-40 - 3-41 also talks about manually setting the irqs

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31st May 2000, 01:48

Date problem with the forum again.

31st May 2000, 14:42
okay.. Now I've changed slots for all cards, moving the iRQs around...
Just can get it to work!!!

(I wont even bother listing all the stuff again..)

What order should I put the cards in, and what iRQ should I use? ..
Another problem is that I still haven't inserted my network card.

Me need help.