View Full Version : G400-TV and Adobe Premier

11th January 2000, 00:52
How do these two work together? Someone said to use the morgan codec. When you work with these two do u have a feature like "instant video" of the DC30 where only transitions are rendered? how long does it take to render stuff if you have to re-render everything?


11th January 2000, 05:05
They do work together using the Matrox hardware MJPEG codec - rendering is fast (I would guess no more than 2-3x for simple transitions but I haven't timed it - it's not frustratingly slow anyway).

The major problem is that I haven't been able to persuade Premiere to capture or print to tape 100% of the time. So I capture and print via the PC-VCR app.
It takes more disk space, but it works and the extra effort is worth it compared to the results from Avid Cinema...


11th January 2000, 06:48
OK that sounds good.
My big question is how long does footage that has not been altered take to render. Also is it possible to hit preview (which would cause it too render the transitions only?) and then watch the preview through your video out and possibly record it?

Thankyou all very much for your time.