View Full Version : Adobe Type Manager conflict with Matrox driver

4th April 2000, 17:54
I have downloaded to a folder the 5.30.007 driver for my G400 card. In the Readme file there is this quote "With Adobe Type Manager installed, you cannot run the driver if the "Advanced Graphics Acceleration Settings" is set to none. Note that ATM is installed as part of Adobe Acrobat Reader." I have Adobe Acrobat Reader ver 4 on my computer does this mean I will have problems trying to install this driver? Thanks.

4th April 2000, 18:05
Should not be a problem.
It says: "if the "Advanced Graphics Acceleration Settings" is set to none".
Hopefully, you are not running that setting set to "none". It should be set to "full". If you need to have it set to "none" to get it to run, you have bigger problems to worry about.

I would also suggest getting the much newer 5.52 drivers, unless you are using a VIA chipset based motherboard...

4th April 2000, 23:28
He has an SS7 board. I advised him to try 5.41 or 5.30. Someone else, an SS7 user, said he had better luck with the 5.30 drivers.