View Full Version : Any problems with the MSI 6309+G400 MAX reported?

28th March 2000, 15:13
I noticed that there are problems with the Asus board (via 133a), and I am just wondering if anyone knows any problems with the MSI 6309 (also a via 133a board) and the G400 max. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I am getting that MSI board and have the max.


29th March 2000, 13:27
I've got them working together without a problem. AGP2x mode works fine and OpenGL and D3D apps work without problems. The only thing that bugs me is that the HDD access is slower than a snail when you turn DMA on in Windows. There's a new BIOS update on MSI's website (v1.3), I'm running v1.2 and everything's just fine. I installed 98(not SE), then AGPv4.00, then DX7, then PDv5.52. It's a great combo, I don't have any benchmark numbers right now, but I can get some later.

Almost forgot.... I have one of the first G400MAXs, so my card doesn't do AGP4x. Not that it really matters, but AGP2x and everything works just fine.

System Specs...
MSI MS-6309->Bios:1.2 Drivers:VIA AGP v4.00
Intel PentiumIII 667MHz
128MB PC100 SDRAM (Siemens)[1 Stick]
Matrox MillG400MAX->Bios:1.5 Drivers:PD5.52
Diamond MX300->Drivers: Aureal Reference 2048
USR 56k ISA Modem
Adaptec 2930c SCSI Host Adapter
Imation 8x20 CD-R
Imation LS-120
Kenwood 72x TrueX CD-ROM
WD 8.4G HDD (Win98) WD 6.4G HDD (BeOS 4.5.2)

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