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Mr. Cold
22nd March 2000, 17:14
This is the ONLY reason I am still running Windows 98 Second Edition. Creative Labs just released Live!Ware for Windows 2000, yet it is a HALF-ASS buggy piece of shit drivers. Same goes with Matrox, they released "final" drivers, yet they're half-ass piece of shit buggy drivers.
Why must multimedia driver makers suck so much cock when it comes to Win2k? Why can't we just get full-on driver packages for Win2k that support EVERYTHING and more than the old piece of shit crashy Windows 98?

22nd March 2000, 17:43
This is not an official Matrox support site and your whining is only going to people who cannot do anything about it.

If you had read some of my posts, you might have had the bright idea to stay away from the dreaded w2k bug for at least 6 months. Let others work out the bugs. Microsoft has an extensive track record of putting out a piece of software that comes chock full of bugs and headaches.

The hypocrisy at Microsoft is totally amazing too. Microsoft has so brainwashed everybody that we expect bugs to be in software and treat it as normal. However, if there is a bug in hardware, the world comes to an end. How many of you would buy a video card if you KNEW that there were several bugs in it? Yet why do we bend over and drop our drawers to get screwed by Microsoft?

Writing drivers for windows ain't exactly easy. Perhaps you should apply for a driver programmer job at Microsoft or Matrox? Do something useful instead of whining to the wrong people.

Do you want to be civilized and give us your system specs and a description of your problem? Perhaps somebody here could help you, but with your current attitude, you are just asking for a bar-b-q.

22nd March 2000, 17:45
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<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FF3333">This is a "Family" posting board fool.

I hope your PC<font size="4"> never</font> works .</font>

23rd March 2000, 05:18
Hey, my 6 year old daughter is reading this forum!

23rd March 2000, 05:32
Do the self appointed hardware apologists actually have any facts to back up their assertion that W2k is buggy?

Yes. Microsoft had to release a patch to make w2k work with several games. This is just the first of many that will come. Wake up and smell the coffee. Ever since Microsoft has started this "windows" crap, it has always been a kludge that is chock full of bugs.

So how much slack should we cut the vendors?

Ideally 0. However, bugs are just accepted as the way of life in software. And because we accept buggy software, there is always going to be a "beta" test period with the "final" OS & drivers. If hardware came with the same licensing agreements as software, effectively "you agree that if this software does not do anything productive for you, you are out of luck", that piece of hardware is not going to sell. But Microsoft has the best marketing department in the world to sell buggy software to a world monopolizing level. And it has harmed consumers.

23rd March 2000, 06:54
Well, I didn't have any troubles installing the G400 drivers on my Win2k machine. Haven't tried LW3 for win2k, yet.

I read on another forum that you need to unzip the files to the \temp directory and then run setup.exe to get the best results. Just what I heard.

BTW, Win2k is buggy. There are 63,000 known bugs in the final release version of Win2k. And everyone from ZDNet to CNN has posted that little bit. Hell, they already have pre-service pack 1 HotFixes for Win2k and it has only been out for a month. True it works more stable than the other Windows OS', and has some cool features, but that don't mean it perfect by any standard.


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23rd March 2000, 08:31
Two thoughts:

1. This thread should be locked and/or removed. Language that offensive is unacceptable. I will be the first to admit to occasionally getting a little carried away and using the odd "s-word" or "c-word". But please let's play nice, ok?

2. Would you all come off the "Buggy Win2k" wagon? The game patches were a result of bugs in the DirectX 7.x HAL abstraction, NOT THE OS. And they have ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT on device drivers. The only fix from MS that has had any impact on device drivers so far is the Parallel Port Zip Drive Fix.

- Gurm

Listen up, you primitive screwheads! See this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Etc. etc.

23rd March 2000, 09:04
One thought:

1. This thread should be locked and/or removed. Language that offensive is unacceptable.

I go along with that. Also check up on who is behind the IP number and at least send him an email with a link to a Netiquette or a swearless dictionary http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I don't have anything to say about Win2k, as I'm happily fighting Windows98(FE) at the moment http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


23rd March 2000, 09:08
Uh oh, Gurm, the Defender of all things Microsoft has arrived (somebody has to do it beside the screaming M$ employees at the Win2k launch). Since DirectX 7.x was built into Win2k and it obviously has to be a different custom core, since Win9x is a DOS based OS and Win2k is a NT kernel based OS. Therefore, if DirectX 7.x was buggy, Win2k was buggy.

I have to admit that Win2k runs very stabily, and the only troubles I have really had (beside relearning the admin features) is with my #$%!*&% modem. I have been very impressed, especially with the server features. I remember when Win98 came out I had troubles galore, but I still have some minor issues with Win2k.


23rd March 2000, 11:02
I go away for one stinkin day, and the torches all come out.

At the very least, this belongs in The Soap Box forum...so that's where it's going. Maybe Holly will just put this thread out of it's misery over there...

23rd March 2000, 16:40
hey i vote for deleteing this one.

didn't he just violate a few roc's?

23rd March 2000, 16:58
Yeah right, it's all Microsoft's fault. Do the self appointed hardware apologists actually have any facts to back up their assertion that W2k is buggy?

So how much slack should we cut the vendors? 6 months you reckon? Did it ever occur to you that if people didn't expect their drivers to work properly for the first 6 months then el slacko hardware vendors wouldn't start working on them until a month before they were supposed to be working? I mean, w2k has only been in development for a couple of years right...