View Full Version : Where is VIAGART.VXD in Windows 2000?

21st March 2000, 00:33
I was going to try the fix of renaming viagart.vxd to something else but I cant find that file anywhere on my windows 2000 pro (2195) system. Maybe thats why VIA AGP sucks so much?

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21st March 2000, 02:54
Nice try, but no. W2k has a hardware abstraction layer, so technically vxds are not required - NT handles the translation to hardware.

VIA sux because MS gave up trying to get it to work with w2k. Not sure if they didn't try hard enough, or the chipset is too unpredicatable (my bet), but you will need to wait for VIA to fix it (if it can be fixed).


21st March 2000, 11:45
Yes, what PaulS said. I hate to keep on this, but the SS7 chipsets are COMPLETELY UNSTABLE. *sigh*

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