View Full Version : Abit VA6 and G400 (Win98SE) ... Please Help!

9th March 2000, 16:31
I Hope someone can help me! I have just built a system for someone and for the first time used a VIA based chipset (Copermine 550 on the Abit VA6). Although this board seems stable and overclocks beautifully (770 with no effort) the graphics performance using the 16MbSH is worse than my 300A@464 based Intel system.

I haven't installed any additional VIA drivers (I fear here lies the problem!) because (a) I've heard that stability might be affected and (b) the information is unclear on the VIA webpage regarding what I should install for Win98SE.

Has anyone else got a similar setup and if so can they please help ...

Thanks in advance


9th March 2000, 19:32
There's no doubt about it whatsoever: install the VIA drivers - at least AGP and IRQ Rerouter. (But I suggest at first make a try for the entire 4in1). You performance shall rise tremendously.

10th March 2000, 15:07
Ok ... I tried the AGP 4.0 driver and it made very little difference to the graphic speed however now Quake 3 won't run (TurboGL or Regular)!

Hmmmm... Should I go ahead and install the other 3 bits?

Should I be after any particular version for this board (Abit VA6) ... there has been much talk of version 4.17!

BTW Thanks Livius for the quick reply