View Full Version : Marvel g200 & Turbogl ?

3rd March 2000, 13:14
Hi guys !
Is there anybody who can tell me if it's possible to use turbogl (normally for g400) with a g200 ?
I use drivers 5.52 (by changing install.ini) so maybe it exists some manipulation of this kind for turbogl ?

(Sorry for my style but my english is not really impressive http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif ) !!!

3rd March 2000, 13:44
Hi Marvel,

Sorry, but there is no way to get TGL to work with your G200. TGL is coded for the G400 drivers, which are quite different from the G200 drivers.


Randy Simons
3rd March 2000, 15:48
Looking at the programmers guide, there's not much difference between G200 and G400, apart from the dual WARP and dual texture engine.

Matrox never provided fast opengl support for G200 and probably never will. thank you very much (not) For that matter: I never got good OpenGL for this card. (running win2k now)