View Full Version : Humming sound using TV-out (s-video)

3rd March 2000, 01:08
Ok, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I only occasionally hook up the second out of my G400 to the TV, using an s-video to SCART (the TV has a scart-s-video in option). I've done it in the past and it worked fine on my:
G400 32Mb DH
SoundBlaster Live! 1024

A few weeks back I switched the motherboard for an Abit BE6-II and the cpu for an INTEL P!!! 600, the rest of it stayed exactly the same, ie same HD's, CDRW and DVD, same powersupply etc etc.
Now, when I attach the s-video cable to the TV scart input, the TV starts to make this annoying low frequency humming sound. It does this even when the pc is turned off. If I disconnect the d-sub cable to the monitor, it goes away (system is then still off). When the system is on, the noise gets worse and it makes it regardless of any cable attached to the monitor output of the G400 (d-sub or bnc).

Because it worked without the hum using the ASUS mobo I suspect it isn't the TV. The only thing I can think of is a grounding problem - the TV has no ground and the PC does - but that still makes no sense considering it worked fine on the ASUS board.

I also noticed that using the 5.52 drivers, on the monitor things look good, but on the TV (using DVD-max) screen horizontal beams of different contrast/brightness move up and down - this goes away completely using 5.41 or 5.30 (didn't try the beta drivers 5.50).