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4th February 2000, 15:30
I try to flash a millenium and a millenium II with the macintosh flash updater and the correct file (downloaded from matrox ftp) for use them on my power mac, and in both cases the video card stop to work on mac and pc. The only one possibility was to remove the flash memory from the card, re-flash with a memory prgrammer and put it back with the correct bios for pc.
May anybody help me?

6th February 2000, 18:01
Your card worked before in your Mac ? It was not the Mac version?If it haved the PC BIOS first. I don't ting that Matrox support this kind of ting. This is Haig kind of question. I sugger that you reposted with Please Haig help in the subject.

7th February 2000, 14:40
I've solve the problem. Must be two different video card for pc and mac but the only one difference is the flash eeprom size!! For the pc version is a 28f256 and for the mac version is a 28f512. I'm going to change the my one. If you are interested on the result please let me kow. Thanks for you help.

8th February 2000, 10:55
Sure I am interested.

25th February 2000, 15:43
Still not work!! Somebody tell me that i can't use any video card on my 7200/90. So my Millenium II could be work on others mac.
Somebody have any ideas?

27th February 2000, 08:26
Zap your PRAM first and then flash your EPROM.

23rd April 2002, 18:17
I am looking for a way to flash the Bios in the Millenium II series. Mainly the 4 meg cards. Does anybody know if the 256 limit is in effect in these cards? I have successfully flashed a number of Mill I and the 8meg II, but no luck at all with the silly Mill II 4meg. Seems that Matrox was not really specific about only popping the smaller eeprom on OEM cards, since the flash is a 50/50 with a PC card. I am using the 1.31 Rom to flash the Mill IIs

16th May 2002, 06:05
Redghost and everybody else with an interest in this

I'm also into the game of putting a new bios onto a "PC" Millenium II and getting it running. Chiefly just because I had it around, out of use
and a friend aof mine needed a second display for her grey G3/300 swedish MacOS 9.2 . Now I seemed to have slipped into obsession mode, I won't let that board get
the better of me.....

The board in question is a 4Mb ( yes one of those ) Millenium II (PCI of course) 708-04 RevA, with a bar code label saying AAP81116 and another
label with p/n 4356 and s/n 4824460.

What I did was slipping it into her G3, where it showed up as an unknown PCI board in the system info utility. I had already installed what I believe is the latest
software (PowerDesk) which I downloaded from Matrox. The reflashing of the bios (1.30) went well judging from the absence of error messages, but when I rebooted the Mac probably
started but no display, neither on the built in graphics adapter nor on the MilII. My theory is that the MilII got the higher PCI priority which let it be the primary display, but that might be wrong.

Removing the MilII restored the G3 to normal.

Before flashing i tried running the PowerDesk sofware but it terminated with "This software cannot run on this computer". Probably no graphics adapter found.

I then took board home and tried it in my 7200/90 running Swedish MacOS 8.6 . No video on the MilII here either, nor any success in running PowerDesk, the same message as on the G3.
But this time I had a display on the build in graphics adapter, probably becuse the 7200s original isn't on the PCI bus.

The sys info utility on my 7200 shows the doard as:

Type of card: display
Name: MTRX,Mistral
Model: -
ROM No: -
Revision: 0
Manufacturer id:102B

Matrox told me that they didn't recommend or supported using a "PC" MilII on a Mac but the only difference where the bios code, I explicitly asked them if there
where any other h/w differencies and the said no.

The Flash ROM on the board is a 28F512 ( 512 kbit -> 64 Kb ) so the bios should fit. The Mac bios image (*.bin) is nearly 64Kb, twice the size of the PC. It makes sence since
a RISC CPU like the PPC generates 2- times as large binary code as doas a CISC (x86) CPU.

Any help and input on this issue would by very appeciated.