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9th February 2000, 19:12
*has anyone heard of agp memory - what is it?
*what advantages does the millienium G200 over the MGA G200, besides faster ramdac and sgram?
*is dual bus still employed in the g400 in your only running one monitor?
*what is the best board for a G400 regardless of chipset
*does anyone know when the next board from matrox will be coming out(G800?)?

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9th February 2000, 19:37
*it's your system memory, when it's being used for AGP textures.
*that's about it.
*Asus P3B-F (IMO)
*sorry, my crystal ball is in the shop this week.

15th February 2000, 12:23
Kruzin, I admit to liking your style. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Primary system, Asus P3B-F1, PIII 600B, 128Mb PC133 RAM, 18.2Gb KA drive, HP CDRW & Travan drive, SB64PCI, Intel EPro+ PnP NIC, G400 and a ViewSonic 17" monitor.

Secondary system, ASUS P3B-F1, C366 OC'd to 550, 128Mb PC100 RAM, 10.2Gb DMPlus, 5x CL DVD Kit, ZIP Drive, AWE64, Intel EPro+ PnP NIC, CL TNT(1) and a Sceptre 17" monitor.