View Full Version : A lot question about Matrox Marvel G400

14th February 2000, 20:40
1) I want to ask that is that the TV output function is output what
we see in our monitor to TV ?

2) then, Can i connect my TV output to the Video input in marvel G400 and capture as a video using marvel G400?

3) Besides compress the captured files as Mpeg2, Can i compress it
to Mpeg1 or Video CD format? Because this format required less
harddisk space.

4) Does the matrox marvel G400 include a sound processor? Can i
input the sound during playback and combine with video to become a
files that got sound and video when we play the file?

5) If i want to capture a presentation files with sound (example : a projector file with the extension of *.exe which create from macromedia director, how can i do it ?, this is because i have to run that *.exe file to show the presentation and i can't change it to
another format to present it except in PC, can i use marvel G400 TV output to output the presentation and input the presentation from video input and sound from sound card output to sound input in marvel G400 and turn them into Mpeg1 or Video CD format, so that i can
present through another ways besides is PC.

6) Is there any software that can directly change Mpeg1 format or
quick time format to Video CD format ?