View Full Version : Dual AGP?

11th February 2000, 21:16
It is my understanding that due to the way that an AGP port is connected to a CPU, it is restricted to only one AGP per motherboard.
Is it possible for a dual CPU motherboard to support two AGP cards?

11th February 2000, 21:29
You are wrong...

AGP is connected to the North Bridge or Integrated Memory Controller. It depends on the chipset's architecture...

However, some AGP adapters use a bridge to put more than two devices on the same card.

Celeron 300P@558/2.0v, P3B-F, G400DH/32MB@148/166.5

Andreas Ehliar
12th February 2000, 06:40
PCI is a bus architecture.
AGP is based upon PCI, but it is a point to point architecture. That is why it is much harder to put a second AGP slot into a system than another PCI slot.
If you want another AGP slot you have to add ~100 extra connections to your chipset. Not fun.

13th February 2000, 11:53
The AGP is cool because it doesn't share the bus.
Adding secondary AGP slot to MOBO which shares the same bus would be contraproductive.

14th February 2000, 17:53
Perhaps this article from Tom's Hardware will help explain this:

In a nutshell, AGP is a port (one device) where PCI is a bus that supports multiple devices. The AGP is integrated into the northbridge of your motherboard chipset. Dual CPU mobo's still have only one northbridge.