View Full Version : VGA won't work?

12th February 2000, 22:50
One day, I went and bought a new MOBO(mother board) and after install I noticed the USB took up my IRQ. I switched it to a free IRQ, then nothing VGA worked. Still doesn't work. I blindly booted windows 98, and switched USB off and the IRQ back. Nothing. Then I tried my G200 Millenium in my old MOBO. Nothing. What the hell is wrong?!


Walrus Bonzo
13th February 2000, 07:43
Sorry, Dunno.

I thought I would reply as I know how annoying it is when people dont help you..

I wish I could help.. Sorry :-(

WaLrUs BoNzO

14th February 2000, 02:38
What do you mean by "nothing"? No display at all, Windows hangs?

The first thing to check is the seating of your bord in its slot.