View Full Version : Are the vantec slot video coolers any good?

8th February 2000, 20:07
I am thinking of getting a Vantec Super ISA/PCI Slot/Video Cooler

Do these things really work? Or do they interfere with the operation of the g400max's fan/heatsink.
Do they add any extra fan noise?

I am currently running a matrox g400max on a 83mhz agp bus. I am getting a different processor in which I will be upping the agp bus to 89mhz.

Is this cooler really needed? Or extra cooling can never hurt

9th February 2000, 19:28
Hi Neil,

Is the cooler in question referred to as the "PC Air Circulator", or is it a variation of the other small "super-slot" fans on the market. I have one of the "PC Air Circulator" things. Kinda useless with an ATX M/B if you ask me. It's neither short enough or small enough to do any good for the G400Max. The other "super-slot fans look interesting, but I resorted to another solution. A Blow-Hole! Actually I cut two in the side of the case. One is mounted right over the G400Max and the other located next to the CPU cooler's intake (an Artic Circle cooler). Both fans are mounted to draw air into the case as this balances airflow with the case's normal exhaust fans. The other thing I intend to do is mount small heatsinks on the Max's memory chips (with frag tape). As far as I'm concerned you can never be too cool. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon7.gif

11th February 2000, 20:01
Actually, I have an Inwin tower case, and I cut a 3" hole in the side next to the cpu, and put a quiet running 3" fan blowing into the case there.
I just update my cpu chip to a p3-550e, and its running fine at 710mhz, along with my G400max humming fine at agp 2x, all on my aging abit bx6r2. I though I may have needed more cooling, but its working fine without it (cpu is 32c-34c, much lower than my overclocked p3-450 which ran about 39c-41c).

I did have everything running fine at 733mhz, but one of my ram modules didn't like the 133 speed, so I am stuck at 710mhz but with more ram. Actually, the speed difference between these was only 1%.

13th February 2000, 09:12
I have a vantec super slot cooler directly underneath my G400 (Not max). The fan casing is close to the stock heatsink and sucks the heat directly off it due to the warm are coming out. For around 13 US dollars, I get peace of mind knowing my G400 is not running too hot.
PS if you use the slot directly under the Max, won't the 2 fans comflict with each other?