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12th February 2000, 10:26
I broke down and bought a G400 vanilla OEM DH http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif I was gonna hold out until the G450 or G800, but I couldn't wait any longer. I can definitely see improvements in UT and Q3A, but 3DMark2K gives me a score of 1060 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif


Asus P5A - K6-2 400
G400 DH 32MB OEM BIOS-1.5 PD-5.41
196MB PC100
12GB Quantum Fireball UDMA-66
Intel ISVR-III(video capture)
3COM EtherLink III XL

G400 is NOT sharing an IRQ with anything. SBLive! IS sharing an IRQ with the ISVR.

BTW-OGL works just fine but I haven't installed TurboGL yet. m Oh yeah, one last question, how do I turn on FPS counter in UT and Q3A?

Thanks for any help!


12th February 2000, 12:21
that score seems normal enough. don't worry about low scores in 3DMark, it's not a very good program...

12th February 2000, 13:06
Soon after 3DMark 2000 was released, a reviewer (I can't remember who it was) noted that the numbers the G400 was producing were just too high relative to the relatively low final 3DMark score. The review called Matrox, and they confirmed an issue with 3DMark 2000.

I agree with Cole. It appears the 3DMarks score is not a valid measure.


12th February 2000, 13:33
Thanks for the info guys. Will 3dmark99 produce more accurate results?



12th February 2000, 13:34
works for me.. my last score was 3092. that seems good...

12th February 2000, 15:00
what works for you? 3dmark2k or 99? And what are your sys specs?


12th February 2000, 18:15
Scores seem a little low. Here are mine on two similar sytems:

K6-2 350@392; G200; 64megs
3Dmark2000; 800x600x32; 924
3DMark99; 800x600x16; 2052

K6-III 450@450; G400; 128megs
3dMark2000; 1024x768x32; 1770
3DMark99; 800x600x16; 3851

I'm getting close to your score with a G200. I would think a G400 could get closer to 1400 to 1500 on a K6-2 400. I'm using the 5.41 Matrox drivers on both. I've also got both video cards overclocked about 18% which really does help. Have you tried one of the video overclock utilities yet?


12th February 2000, 18:31
oh yeah... good point:

3dmark 20000
p3 550e @733
256MB Muskin RAM

I think i remember reading that scores from 3dmark 2000 are set to be about half of what one would get in 99. more rigourous testing...who knows.

12th February 2000, 20:41

Thanks for the info. I tried 3dmark99 and my score jumped to 2727. That makes me feel better http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Doesn't matter though. UT and Q3A both look and play awesome at 1024x768. I haven't tried one of the overclock utilites yet, but I may give it a try.



12th February 2000, 20:59
WaR-ped, keep in mind your computer, with that thunderously fast Coppermine, is a lot faster than Helevitia's. Apparently, and I don't pretend to understand any of this, your 3DMarks should actually be a lot higher than that razzle-dazzle 3,000+ mark.

I think the 3DMark is an arbitrary measure, sort of a grade, but the program actually records quantifiable data. Real numbers, we presume. When people who know a lot more about this than I do look at the real numbers the G400 produces, note the final 3DMark, and then compare it to other boards, the G400's score appears too low.

It's sort of like taking a ten question test. Each question is worth the same thing. You get nine of them right, but you get a "C."