View Full Version : VIA+G400+DVD?? anyone have trouble???

12th February 2000, 00:46
I've been Reading alot of post...and have taken notice that most people with the VIA Chipset are having trouble of some sort.

My main problem is when playing back a DVD or when using Media Player...Im getting Blue Pixels in the video playback. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so...please let me know...I'm keeping in touch with a Matrox Tech...trying to figure this one out.

PIII-500, 128M RAMpc-100, ADVANCE 5/133 Motherboard, QuantumKA 18.2gig, QuantumST 6.4gig, Creative DVD-Rom 5x, Pioneer CD-Rom 12x, G400Max Dualhead, SB Live, Winmodem 33.6, NEC MultiSync E900+ 19" Monitor, Windows SE