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10th February 2000, 18:32
I've tried to install the new beta drivers for my G400 under Windows 2000, but the information tab keeps telling me I still use the 5.00.2195.1010 version.

Tried overwriting the old drivers with the setup-program, and I've also uninstalled the old drivers and reinstalled with the new ones. In any case, the Display Properties reports the old version still installed.

What is the trick?

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11th February 2000, 01:24
I'm not sure, but I think the number you posted are the drivers ...

PowerDesk itself was updated to make better use of the drivers ... look at our PD number.


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11th February 2000, 04:28
I am not able to use the new W2k drivers at all with W2k RC2.

Version 5.0 works, new beta drivers don't start !

Tried to install by setup.exe (no way); deleting the card, leaving W2k to detect card and install drivers (no way).

Why ?

New drivers work only with final version od W2k ?

11th February 2000, 07:29
Thanks Gurm.
Here in my european country win2k will be available from feb 17th.

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11th February 2000, 08:46
Same here, feb 17th, but I've already got the final version ^-^

11th February 2000, 17:46
Yes Brama, the new drivers only work with final. That's because Win2k has been released. This isn't a tough concept - there were a lot of changes from RC2 to final, and one of those changes was in the driver model. Cope.

Go to your local store and BUY a copy.

- Gurm

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