View Full Version : Stability problems

11th February 2000, 07:10
Guys, if you can helo me make this work...

I have recently added some hw to my system. Now I am running an Athlon500 + MSI6167, 256 MB RAM, Adaptec 2940 and 2940UW (yes, two SCSIs because of missing converters), an ADS Pyro 1394, 3Com XL 10/100 ethernet card, Diamond MX300 sound card, a MovieMachine 2 analog video capture board (ISA), G400 and the system is not too stable with 3d anymore. (Actually I get dropping out of a program, or loose the VGA signal totally) Drivers are 5.50 beta (previous version).

I have disabled both COM ports and USB, but still there are not enough IRQs to use. Currently the G400 shares IRQ4 with the firewire board.

I guess I could try to start shuffling the cards around to get to an accepted IRQ sharing condition. Does anyone have any ideas?