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6th February 2000, 07:11
Hi, first I would thanks for this very complete & nice site I just discovered !

My problem:
Running win98Se & a G400, when "hardware acceleration" of the display properties of windows is set to full, my G400 is recognized, Powerdesk also, but windows is often "blocked", the screen is frozen, I am unable to do anything with my keyboard or mouse, only reboot is possible. The probleme happens in every kind of application. Some guys windows addicted told me that the solution was to set the hardware acceleation not to full. Indeed, this fix my problem but powerdesk is no more available, 3d dual head and all the g400 interesting features are equally not available. So I am deseperately trying to find a solution... (my previous mystique with a voodoo was better than that !)

another problem is that I was not able to go higher than 1280*1024 in my resolution settings

My configuration:
Asus P2BF - celeron 400 - 256 M RAM -G400 DH 32M AGP - 2940 UW2lvd - Nokia 445
Win98 SE installed from scratch (no windows update)
Matrox drivers 5.41 installed, no previous release installed before

Thanks for your help, I am really turning mad with this problem

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6th February 2000, 08:45
As far as not being able to go higher than 1280*1024--- is your monitor able to support resolutions higher than that?? What size/make/model is it???

As far as your problem with full acceleration.. First of all, are you overclocking your Celeron? If so, clock down to rated speeds and see if that helps. This could also be a heat problem, whether you're overclocking or not. Try running your PC with the case open (and if you have a small/table size (6") fan, point it directly into your case), and then see if you can get full acceleration. Otherwise this sounds like a bad driver install to me. It could be that, anyway, if you installed PD into a hot/unstable/overclocked system. To reinstall PD correctly, do this:[/list=a]
<blockquote>[list] Download (if you have not done so) the uninstaller from Matrox. While you're at it, download 5.41 and unzip it to a folder on your HDD. Or do so with whichever version of PD you prefer, but do not use the 5.50 beta drivers! At least not yet... let's not introduce yet more variables into this procedure... Run the uninstaller. Change your display adapter to 'Standard VGA' in the Device Manager (yes, I know it will come up that way when you reboot, but my feeling is that trusting Windows to do it when Windows is not running stably is leaving too much to chance http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif) Boot into Safe Mode. Open the Device Manager and delete all display adapters except the VGA adapter, and while you're there, make sure no other devices have multiple entries; if you find any that do, delete all instances of them as well. Reboot into Windows (regular mode). Hit 'Cancel' when Windows wants to install the Matrox drivers. Let Windows install any other devices you may have removed from the Device Manager, but do not reboot if you are asked to!! When Windows loads, run the setup program from the driver folder you created before. Reboot.</blockquote>

Let us know how it turns out, then we'll see what else we might need to discuss (hopefully nothing http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

Oh and btw, you will almost certainly need to install the Win98 SE Shutdown Supplement... you'll probably find that Windows won't power-off when you tell it to, but will instead reboot (this happened to me when I reinstalled PD). Whether or not you use Windows Update for other patches (and I've heard opinions both ways), you should get the shutdown supplement from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/windows98/downloads/contents/wurecommended/s_wufeatured/win98SE/).


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6th February 2000, 09:30
Thanks for your answer,

about the resolution problem, I am using a Nokia 445Xi 21' (I do a lot of graphical & digital photo stuff ...). He was able with no problem to reach higher resolution in my previous configurations. It is recognized by windows but you're right, it could came from this, I will try to change the monitor manually and we will see.

About my main problem, no I am not overclocking my celeron, and I don't think it is a heat trouble, I tried with the case opened, same results...
Your third opinion was exacly the one I got first. I did like you told me yesterday, it wasn't successfull so that I finally decided to reinstal the whole system from scratch (formatted HD & ....) and I still have the same behaviour. Could it be a problem or BIOS or AGP ? I don't know a lot about those things. Are there some fundamentals to check ?

Anyway thanks a lot for your help -
I keep the fight !

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6th February 2000, 09:57

If its the same problem I had, it was to do with the AGP. I got round it be downloading a registry hack from this site. Its called PD5RegHacks.zip and found on the Windows 9x Drivers page. I use theforceAGP.reg and it works for me. I hope this of some help.

6th February 2000, 10:14

I'm sorry but my last reply should read "I use theforceAGP1.reg" not theforceAGP.reg. Sorry about that.

6th February 2000, 11:44
Thanks again for this TIPS, I just tried,
Unfortunately, same result, the display is blocked has soon as there are something little complicated to display (launching FIFA99, or SEGA rally 2, or only trying to use the vertical scroll of my mouse ...).

6th February 2000, 13:17
You shouldn't have a card that requires an IRQ in PCI Slot #1 (the one next to the AGP slot) on a BX based motherboard. There is a forced IRQ sharing issue between theses two slots and Matrox AGP cards don't share well.
Try running MS Sysinfo in your System Tools=>Hardware Resources=>IRQs. Best results with Matrox AGP cards seems to be IRQ #11 and IRQ Holder for PCI Steering as the only other listing for IRQ #11.
Also try Control Panel=>System=>Device Manager=>Display Adapters=>Matrox G400=>Properties=>Resources. Any conflicts listed?

Tried reinstalling DirectX?

DirectX 7.0a (
DirectX Media 6.0
DirectX Media 6.0 patch http://www.microsoft.com/directx/homeuser/downloads/default.asp

Have you installed the latest Matrox bios for the G400?

Happy trails,

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6th February 2000, 15:45
Yes, it's definitely time for an IRQ listing, please... the alternative way of reaching it from what Fleabus said is: Start==>Run==>msinfo32 {OK}, then expand 'Hardware Resources' and choose 'IRQ'.

Speaking of IRQ's... you did assign an IRQ to VGA in the BIOS, didn't you?


7th February 2000, 15:25
Hi all,
thanks for all those ideas. Find here my IRQ settings, may be you will notice something nogood:
0 Horloge système
1 Clavier standard 101/102 touches ou Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Contrôleur d'interruptions programmable
3 Port de communication (COM2)
4 Port de communication (COM1)
5 ES1868 AudioDrive Plug-and-Play (WDM)
6 Contrôleur de lecteur de disquette standard
7 EPSON Printer Port (LPT1)
8 Horloge système CMOS/temps réel
9 Contrôleur SCSI Adaptec AHA-2940U2/AHA-2940U2W PCI
9 Realtek RTL8029(AS) PCI Ethernet NIC
9 Contrôleur d'hôte PCI vers USB universel Intel 82371AB/EB
9 IRQ Holder pour PCI Steering
9 IRQ Holder pour PCI Steering
9 IRQ Holder pour PCI Steering
10 Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead - Français
10 IRQ Holder pour PCI Steering
11 Contrôleur de disque dur IDE/ESDI standard
12 Port souris compatible PS/2
13 Coprocesseur arithmétique
14 Contrôleur IDE primaire (fifo double)
14 Contrôleur 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Intel
15 Contrôleur IDE secondaire (fifo double)
15 Contrôleur 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Intel

For me, regarding what you say, it sounds correct, no card in the PCI slot 1. I will try to change the BIOS now, it was 1.3 -20. I will install 1.5

As I am not an expert I can't answer you if I did have asigned an IRQ to the VGA in my BIOS ? I guess it is done automatically by windows, isn't it ?

thanks again,I'll keep you inform

7th February 2000, 15:54
I'm back again,

bios updated to 1.5 -22
directX7 last version (and also directx6 patch) installed

It is still not working ...

Now I really don't know what to do, I'll wait for Matrox support answer a couple of day, and I'll bring back my G400 to try with another one.

A last question: Is it normal or not that when you set the hardware acceleration not to full (or the position closed to full) the mga powerdesk is not loaded at reboot ?


7th February 2000, 17:04
do you have dedicated mouse software? Many scroller type mice have programs that come with them to give you a bit more functionality. I have had various mice and whenever i have installed the mouse software the computer becomes as stable as a two legged horse on a boat in a storm. Try disabling the mouse software (if you have it) and then turn the acceleration back to full. Force agpx1 just to be sure and you could even turn the agp aperture right down to 4 MB, aparently this turns agp off and doesn't pose a problem but could help diagnose where it is.

Other things to check:

The g400 is pushed fully in and even.
You have the latest boises for everything.
Your memory ras cas timing (3 is more stable, 2 is faster)
Disable video bios caching.
Has your celly been overclocked previously? my 300 was more stable at 450 than at 300!!

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8th February 2000, 20:42
Here are a few more things to look into.

1) I don't remember what it is but there can be a problem with IRQ #9 on some systems. In Device Manager go to the Properties=>Resources pages for your SCSI controller and ethernet card. Conflicts? If not, it could be that there isn't one "right now". Maybe someone else with more knowledge can jump in here but as I recall, resources can be temporarily borrowed for other devices from IRQ #9 and a conflict may occur that will hang your system. This may not be occurring during the time you check the Resources page.
On my machine, all of my IRQs are in use, many by more than one device except that Win98 left IRQ #9 as the only free and unused IRQ. I don't know whether that is a coincidence or by plan. You would think that with an open IRQ that Win98 would have used it before asking one of my other devices to share.
You have a SCSI card which can play a major role on your system, sharing this IRQ with an ethernet card (I have read a lot of posts about ethernet cards having problems sharing IRQs).

2) Go to Control Panel=>Display=>Settings=>Advanced=>Options. Uncheck the "use bus mastering" box and reboot. Do your problems go away? If they appear to, this isn't a solution. Bus mastering is required. This little test can point to something hogging or misbehaving on the PCI bus. Do you have DMA enabled for your drives? Do you monitor your CPU/Resources/swap file usage with MS System Monitor etc? Anything unusual if you do?

I don't have any specific advice for you, just pointing out things that may be involved.

Happy trails,

9th February 2000, 06:36

Regarding the resolution problem, have you dual head clone enabled? That may limit the resolution to the mentioned 1280*1024.

For the stability... I have stability problems because my NIC shares an interrupt with my sound card. (Well, actually I have a whole lot of issues right now, after adding a bunch of new equipment to my system... se SIG).

I would definately try to disable both COM ports in BIOS setup and see if the freed IRQ's would be put into practical use (unless of course you use them all the time).

Also, if you do not use USB, I would disable that in BIOS as well. And naturally, also the LPT if you do not have a printer...


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9th February 2000, 13:39
It COULD be some weird BIOS problem, have you checked for an updated BIOS for your motherboard and/or your G400?

9th February 2000, 17:51
No, IRQ for VGA is set in the BIOS-- if you have an Award BIOS its in 'PnP/PCI Configuration'. Sorry, don't know what menu it's under for an AMI BIOS, but it should probably be similar.

And, hey, Fleabus, it seems to me there's more than just a general problem with IRQ 9 when it has (let me see how my French has held up over the years)... A SCSI controller, a NIC, <u>and</u> the USB controller hanging out together there...

Seems more than likely to me that any 2 (and possibly all three) of these devices may be wanting to communicate with the CPU at once... I see that there are enough IRQ Steering Holders, but the job may be too big for that.

Do you have a USB keyboard or mouse? What is/are the SCSI device(s) on your system? And what resources are you trying to access from the network?

It seems to me that if (for instance), you were trying to copy a Word file from the server to your local (pretend it's) SCSI HDD, and using your (pretend it's a) USB mouse to open another file while the first copied, you might well have a freeze.

Correct me if (I should rather say, "where" http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif) I'm wrong....


10th February 2000, 15:51
Hi Meek,

Regarding the resolution problem, dualhead is disabled ! I tried with both Nokia & microsof profile for my monitor. Same result.

Hi HoolyBerry,
I use USB only for my scan (agfa), my keyboard and mouse are not USB.
My controler SCSI is a 2940UW2 connecting 1 LVD HD (seagate), 1 plextor 40X, 1 TEAC CD recorder and 1 film scan (Minolta).
I do not use the network for more than mail & web. For the VGA IRQ, wich one do you advise me to use ? There is also a sequence PCI/AGP or AGP/PCI. I guess it is the order use by the bios at boot for searching the display device. My troubles are slightly differents if I move this from PCI/AGP to AGP/PCI. Now I can this some big vertical band before the display is frozen ...?

Targon, my bios are really up to date that is not the problem I think.

Everybody listening:
Do you think it can be a hardware pb on the card ? Shall I bring back the card ? (which means couple of weeks without display ...).
Do you think that I can wait for Win2K ? That may be the better solution !
I am not a player but some time I like some games running on my PC, will it be possible with W2k ? (for my usual application I am sure it will be better - photoshop+illustrator.....)

thanks everybody

10th February 2000, 17:23
I don't like this current IRQ configuration at all. See if you can either your printer port (LPT1) or COM2 to share an IRQ with COM1. Windows never seems to object to moving COM or printer ports. That will open IRQ 3 and maybe we can move your NIC there.

I think we have to clear up the beer party on IRQ 9 and go on from there.