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James Sutherland
7th February 2000, 04:06
After installing my G400 Max both windows and DOS can only detect 65MB of memory.
If I have 64MB or less the correct maount of ram is detected but anything over this ie 96,128,160 or 256 is detected as 65MB.
The BIOS always reports the correct figure.
Can anyone help?

7th February 2000, 06:08
So you're saying under windoze 9x if you go to control panel > system it only shows 64mb.
Or are you using the Dos command mem as this can sometimes misreport the actual memory available depending on what version.

James Sutherland
8th February 2000, 04:32
The memory is shown as 65MB in windows control panel, DOS 7 and DOS 6.2. If I use a G200 agp instead of the G400 max all three show the correct figure for the memory and windows stops using the swap file.

8th February 2000, 06:17
This looks interesting. Yeh give us the machine specs make irq numbers etc. The G400 looks like the culprit since it everything was fine before.

James Sutherland
8th February 2000, 06:17
My motherboard is a Chaintech 6BTM, cpu is an intel P2 266 overclocked to 300Mhz (Problem still appears at 266Mhz and lower), other cards installed are a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live 1024 and a Hauppauge Win TV PCI.
I am running windows 98SE with directx 7 and the I am using the beta version 5.5 of the matrox drivers.
I get the same low memory reported if I disconnect everything except the keyboard and floppy drive and boot into DOS.

Thanks for helping, it has now been over two weeks since I sent this problem to Matrox support and I have only recieved an automated reply, here I got a reply within hours.

8th February 2000, 06:19
Lets look at the daft things first what happens when you load Bios defaults.

8th February 2000, 16:46
Ummm ... I'm not 100% sure about this but to my knowledge DOS in any of its incarnations COULD NOT see more than 64 megs of RAM, even 6.21 ... so I do not know where you're getting your DOS figures from unless its from a Win98 DOS Box or DOS Prompt.

I have 512Meg RAM and DOS certainly says I only have 64Meg.

Your BIOS would read it correctly but DOS could not address more than 64Meg. So where are you getting your DOS readings from?


8th February 2000, 17:08
That's strange...

Well, this is a new problem on this fori...

I haven't got a clue why that's happening, but let's hope this thread doesn't die off...

Give us more specs (like: mobo, drivers and directX version, Windoze version, additional boards in your machine...), maybe it's a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try...

I think this is really interesting...

8th February 2000, 17:14
Well, I don't know, but usually the videomemory is mapped somewhere into the real memory, or to be exact: somewhere behind the RAM, so i can't do any harm and the memories aren't overlapping.

Couldn't this be the case here? That somehow the G400's RAM is mapped into the physical memory behind the 64 MB?

8th February 2000, 17:31
Laristan, you are correct about DOS. DOS is a wimpy 16 bit joke of an OS which cannot address more than 64MB of memory. However, some DOS programs can peek into what the BIOS thinks the total amount of memory is. However, that is all they can do; they cannot access anything other than the regular 64MB of ram that DOS is limited to.

James, there is usually a BIOS option regarding OS/2 and ram > 64MB. Unless you are running OS/2, make sure that the memory is set to be a non-OS/2 operating system with RAM > 64MB. I don't know why this would only occur with the G400, but it is a good sanity check starting point.

9th February 2000, 02:10
So the Bios always counts through the whole lot if you do a memory check at boot. I've had conflicting Dimms before but the bios has always failed to count through them and reported weird memory settings from boot onwards.

Previous suggestion seems good. The bios normally has a 'OS/2 memory hole at 64m' setting. Just make sure it's not on.

Check your system properties - something hasn't been thrown into DOS Compatability mode has it ?

What does Windows Safe Mode detect ?

The Haupage WinTV is a pretty weird beast too as it uses full bus mastering to send it's signal to the Video Card (so that it doesn't use the processor it just shoves it up the PCI Bus). Does it still work ? Try removing it temporarily from the boot configuration - although I wouldn't have thought it would cause anything this wierd, but look at the FAQ on their page as it lists quite a lot of conflicts.

Warning: Sigs may seriously damage your health...

9th February 2000, 06:46
Well, I'd go for the BIOS OS/2 option... Check it out and post back...

9th February 2000, 13:07
One amusing thing on plugging in my Microsoft sidewinder steering wheel I lost 128mb of ram.
I had to switch off again and then restart.
You haven't got Multiple steering wheels have you James?

9th February 2000, 13:16
I've seen similar problems before when dealing with systems. In some cases, there can be a hairline crack in the motherboard, which makes it SEEM like it's a problem with a specific card, when it's a motherboard problem. If you replace the vid card with your old one, and you still have a problem, then you know where to look for the problem. You can also re-seat your memory. Even though your memory worked before, it may have been luck that it worked. Or you need a BIOS update for your motherboard. These are just a few ideas.

9th February 2000, 14:19
Anyone notice what drivers he's using? 5.5 Beta. Try 5.41. See if it helps. I know it sounds stupid, but you never know.

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9th February 2000, 17:43
The problem showed after installing the G400 which sort suggests that this is trouble.
Yep dos doesn't like reading over 64meg. However booting down into dos from windows on my system says 64mb available but it still lists the full amount of system ram. However James is getting the same whatever program he uses.
You're not loading himem.sys via config.sys. If you're using config and autoexec just rename them and see what happens.

James Sutherland
10th February 2000, 03:37
Targon was right it is a motherboard fault. I tried the g200 again and it now has the same result as the g400. A motherboard diagnostic utility confirmed a problem with the agp slot and the waranty has just expired.

Thanks again to everyone who helped.

10th February 2000, 09:09
Ever notice how things only seem to break AFTER the warranty? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif