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10th February 2000, 07:19
The above card is currently installed in a PC I am using at the moment. The O/S used is Windows 98. The highest number of colors I have available in the Display Properties Color Palette is 256. When I try and update the drivers by searching on the windows 98 update it says the best drivers are already installed. I'm very much doubting this. Can anyone confirm whether this is probably because I'm Windows 98 rather than NT or if anyone can suggest a driver to install I'd be gratefull.


10th February 2000, 07:28
Ummm... isn't this card like 7-8 years old?

I doubt it even supports directdraw. Your only chance would probably be the Scitech driver available from Matrox's third party driver list.

Good luck... you'll need it.

10th February 2000, 07:37
hhhhhhuuuuuuuuu yaaaa! an oldtimer...good luck!..why dont you buy a G100 Productiva its a realy good card if you dont need it for gameing... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif..errrrr or you dont have any AGP or PCI slots on your MBO ;( ...

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10th February 2000, 08:11
Yep it is very old but I'm not really turned on my Voodoo 3 type stuff and refresh rates as some of my friends are (the things they've suggested! tuh!) Anyway, I'll give the third party driver a try otherwise I'll dig deep into my purse, watch the moths fly out and the Queen start blinking and invest in another card.

Thanks for replying.

10th February 2000, 09:06
You will find that the new cards are NOT only about 3D, but also about better picture quality. The G100 is a bit old, but is decent, the G200 looks great, and is perfect if you don't play many games, but want something that's reasonably fast for games. The G400, with dual head support, and much higher speeds is nothing less than a work of art. I honestly can't wait to see what Matrox will give us with the G800.