View Full Version : G400 dual and stv fm/tv card?

8th February 2000, 19:09
I've used this stb card before so I know it works, I just installed a g400 dual head and its a great card but I reinstalled my tv card and when I try to run the tv app I get the blue screen of death?
any ideas?

8th February 2000, 19:42
How is the card doing it's TV.
Is it through a pass-through cable, or an internal connector?

If you are using an internal connector, be aware that the header on the G400 is NOT a standard VGA feature connector. It's proprietary to their Rainbow-Runner G cards.

If you are using a pass-through cable, I have no idea...try giving us an IRQ listing for your system.

8th February 2000, 20:45
Its a pci card, thats the only connection it makes aside from the sound cable and the coax cable coming from the outside? It plays audio but video brings the bsod immediately.

9th February 2000, 01:06
I also have a TV tuner card on my computer (askey to be precise), it works wonderfully but just don't want to turn on the secondary display. (if anybody has an idea [excluding rewriting the driver myself]!)

What I know that might interfere with the TV card is the IRQ. It should be a quite high IRQ (9 or more) to work efficiently (At least for my card). Tell us more.


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