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6th February 2000, 06:12
what exactly is ANISOTROPIC filtering? the g400 seems to feature this, but what does it affect? and does enabling it slow down framerates? and does directx/openGL feature this and what games?

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7th February 2000, 07:27
hey, nobody knows it???

7th February 2000, 07:46
There are 2 common ways of filtering textures. First, fastest but ugliest, is billinear. Billinear filtering takes 2 near pixels and approximate third. Second used filtering is trillinear, which takes 3 near pixels of texture. That metod gives better result and eliminate sharp borders of clear and blurry mip-maped texture. Trillinear takes frame rate penalty of cca. 30% on G400.
Anisotropic filtering is similiar like trillinear, but it takes in consider pixel position and angle of view. For example, if you look at the end of trillinear filtered texture under some angle you will notice strange result. Anisotropic filtering makes it look more naturally. Not sure about frame rate penalty but it sure takes more than 30% of speed.